wanko to kurasou (131)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-14 20:08 ID:u9Cchll+ [Del]

By any chance would you be able to port this? There's an English patch already done.

82 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-15 07:35 ID:4JmhE0ME [Del]

Oh, forgot you, sorry.
I'm not that active recently, and I also have a strong dislike towards irc.

83 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-15 07:56 ID:0AFnNosA [Del]

Here's ANOTHER new script file. Fixes a couple of problems I found. Sorry about all the updates. At least they're small.


Yeah, so I just made the gigantomatic junk of nested if-statements since that was all I could do and have it look nice to the reader.
You can find it in 007.scr starting at line 279 and ending line 845. It's pretty massive.

84 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-15 18:15 ID:b2g4cMZX [Del]

slight problem with script 016 and 016n(016 unable to proceed to 016n)...i tried editing script 016, but when i try to zip it back, vnds will tell me that the zip file(script.zip) is compressed, and must be uncompressed in order for vnds to run the game properly...
so now i m stuck...any one knows how to make an uncompressed zip file?

85 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-15 20:09 ID:vNI7liNi [Del]

nvm, fixed it by using 'store'

86 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-16 05:08 ID:0AFnNosA [Del]

Yeah, sorry about that. I know VNDS is case-sensitive, but Wanko wasn't. So that one slipped by. New scripts again:

Lots of problems with this one. But I guess that's to be expected with no playtesting on my part.

87 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-16 16:09 ID:aIyYW3zf [Del]

or is script 016 actually missing a 'text' for the last line for it to have that error? i m dont really understand the script code...but seeing thats the pattern for every one of those script files, that is what i assumed...

and also, in NAD03, the line 'jump NAD_H02.scr start' should actually be NAD_H03 instead...or else it will go back to the past and loop again

and also...the later files are not playing their sound properly...i dont have the time now to look into whats causing the problem(maybe some other minor mistakes regarding playing the sound files) but i'll do w.e i can for 'buy report', hope it will help

88 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-16 17:14 ID:0AFnNosA [Del]

The extra text commands are just leftover crap that don't do anything. They never get used, and really should just be deleted.

Yep, that's another error. That was totally my fault from when I was manually going through setting up the h-scene calls. Thanks for that. Here's the fixed scripts:

Not sure about the sound problem. What is it doing, and where?

89 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-16 17:45 ID:aIyYW3zf [Del]

basically, no 'voice' is being played during the 'later stage' in the NAD scenarios (i've only gone thru the NAD scenario, not sure about the others), i understand that there are no voice being played during Hscenes, but i m talking about 'normal/regular' scenarios...bgm still plays fine though, as i mentioned before, i dont quite track down what/where the problem is atm, and i dont have quite the time to check that right now
well, let me know if u figure out anything / if everything is working fine from your end

and are you sure that the 'extra' "text" command is not needed? cuz i rmb simply changing the 016n->016N and that didnt fix the problem, but it was fixed after i changed 016n->016N AND add in that "text" command, o wellz, w.e works

and 'jump NAD_H02.scr start' -> NAD_H05.scr *** was what i meant, 2 is right below 5 and that was the problem i believe, so the correct script it should link to is NAD_H05.scr, NOT NAD_H03.scr my bad on that

90 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-17 04:26 ID:0AFnNosA [Del]

Hmmm, well, I'll check on it.
As far as the h-scene, I put in the right one, don't worry.

Yes, I'm sure the extra text command isn't needed. The only thing a text command does is display the line of text after it on the bottom screen. Hell, VNDS doesn't even hit that line that I know of.

91 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-17 18:11 ID:aIyYW3zf [Del]

script 014 would setvar chain to 015R.scr in the middle if the requirements were met, which is suppose to lead to the risa-route...but it would continue reading the code after chain is set to 015R, and then chain would be set to 015N eventually...making nad-route take over...
in another word, risa-route is locked and inaccessible...

i've added
# @end
jump {$chain} start

after setvar chain = "015R.scr"

to force it to go to risa-route...let me know if thats the correct way to do it or not...since i could be just overlooking things =_=

92 Name: CXBlackCatXD : 2010-08-17 20:42 ID:4ldfAACN [Del]

When VNDS does a jump, it does a jump period. It will never look back.

93 Name: Roganis : 2010-08-19 09:32 ID:EuNAmb23 [Del]

Ok, I juts finished the nadeshiko ending, but I can't have the Risa arc, I've done the Risa's walkthrough that i found on the web, but it doesn't work ... :/

94 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-19 13:50 ID:Q9cc6E2Q [Del]

check 91, thats the problem why u cant go to risa's ending...

95 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-19 14:11 ID:Q9cc6E2Q [Del]

anyways...how to access the 'extra scene'??? they are located in 'OPEN'...but its taking me too long to understand the requirement to have it unlock...is it just going through all the other scenarios?

96 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-20 00:49 ID:kZ9Mc6uO [Del]

so which one do you click to download this?

97 Name: Roganis : 2010-08-20 09:28 ID:EuNAmb23 [Del]

Sorry but I don't understand how to modify the script for having the Risa ending, so if someone can upload the Risa-only script ... ^^'

98 Name: CXBlackCatXD : 2010-08-20 09:39 ID:4ldfAACN [Del]

Just so everyone knows, neither ShinseiTom or myself have actually gone through the entire thing...ShinseiTom just made a converter for the script files and put them through. That goes to say that I believe whatever is in the PC game is most likely possible in the port.
I'll try following the Risa path to see what is wrong with it.

To download you can get the sound effects from post 72, the images from post 73, and the scripts from post 88.

99 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-20 12:12 ID:Q9cc6E2Q [Del]

for the script in .zip (3.03MB)

this script should have the risa route 'unlocked' as it will not continue to read the script in 014.scr after the 'risa scenario'
fixed the loop that ShinseiTom fixed in post88 also
i still couldn't identify the 'no-voice' problem...so no fix on that

and also i've just added the 'extra scenario'(which is suppose to be located in OPEN.scr, but somehow they are all jumping to main.scr which the the beginning of the game...ANNNND nothing leads to OPEN.scr makes me think that it somehow isn't implemented yet); the extra scenes can now be accessed from the 'main select' where you start or go to the music database.
No, there are no requirements to have those extra scene unlocked, so they are available from the VERY beginning even if you haven't finish a route...so use those in your own discrete.(hoping someone could actually implement it properly soon)

have fun

100 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-23 17:23 ID:XHAdvrqf [Del]

Sorry about that. Moved into my college dorm, school internet sucks absolute ass, so I couldn't really check anything on here.

Let me look, it shouldn't be screwing up but I guess I must have missed something. Hopefully it'll be easy...

Yeah, I haven't done any of the extra scenario stuff. I just ran it through my quick converter and fixed up the variable stuff. I'll add it in when I can.

I'll post up one post with all the updated stuff soon, once all the quirks are ironed out. I know it's kinda confusing right now.

Are those actual fixed scripts, or just a workaround for the no-risa problem?

101 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-24 16:27 ID:JGRxBhLA [Del]

those are just what i think they should have been, but knowing my not-even-at-beginning level skills, they could be far from what it SHOULD be
i 'think' i've changed the 'risa-problem' to what it SHOULD be
while the extra scenario thing is just a workaround(since i assume extra scenario has to be unlock by clearing main route once, the script that i've posted unlocks them with no requirement...and doesn't actually use the OPEN.scr

have fun with it, now that u have sharin to work on also LOL

102 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-27 19:16 ID:kZ9Mc6uO [Del]

my game keeps crashing when sivilianna had stuff injected

and i used poster 101's script, and everything else that was instructed in post 98

103 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-27 20:07 ID:XHAdvrqf [Del]

Well... what is the crash? Restarting the game, throwing an error, shutting down the ds?

104 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-27 21:43 ID:EVH0v5fj [Del]

hmm...i just checked the script files on my DS and the silvie error that was mentioned didnt occurred to me...state the details and maybe we can help

btw...the 'Recollection' choice from 007.scr doesn't seems to 'restart' if the game was cleared before...(or at least that's what i think)is it actually suppose to do that?

also...i've been able to find the cause to the 'no voice' problem that i mentioned ages ago...it is because the 'script code' to the sound file are NOT in capital, where the sound file themselves are all CAPITALIZED!
i assume that the problem occurs in 015N, 015R, 015X, 016N, 016R, and H scenes as well(i actually thought the game didn't have voices for H scenes before) ... and by either changing the sound file name OR script code SHOULD fix the problem
which i m too lazy to do them right now...since i only know how to 'manually' edit them by using notepad, and there are TONS of them ^^;

annnnyways, if i ever feel bored and decided to edit them, i'll post an updated version of the script.rar afterward...
p.s. now that i think about it...i still havn't got ShinseiTom's permission to edit anything since this is his port-project...well, hope you don't mind =P and in case you actually do, just post a message up and i'll stop immediately~

105 Name: CXBlackCatXD : 2010-08-27 23:57 ID:4ldfAACN [Del]

Well he doesn't exactly care too much about you fixing up the port...Provided you don't screw something up somewhere else while fixing, none of the porters that I know would actually care...since none of us actually do very much.

106 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-28 00:00 ID:XHAdvrqf [Del]

I don't care. It's a port. The only thing even remotely my own creation is the program that half-did the work for me, and the modified title screen (now THAT was hell to me).

If you make it better, post it. I know this one isn't really near done, but I figured it at least allowed you to get to the end of both main routes. I guess even that wasn't true until somebody else noticed...

Anyway, yeah, fix it to your heart's content. What with school starting up and having less time, this project has much lower priority than anything else right now.

107 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-28 01:24 ID:EVH0v5fj [Del]

tbh, i finished this ported version soon after you posted your original version...so it doesn't really hold a high priority on me either, but as i was saying...i'll update it when i have edited something if i m ever bored

the way THIS looks to me now is that both ends are obtainable as you mentioned, some code(on voice) need edit, and the 'extra scenario' option needs to be properly implement

the 'voice' fixing part i can do...since i can at least understand that little; on the other hand the 'extra scenario' i have no idea whats going on(i guess thats another title screen hell waiting for u). So if theres another update from me...it'll probably be a voice-fix

108 Name: ShinseiTom : 2010-08-28 14:21 ID:XHAdvrqf [Del]

Oh yeah, and that damn-awful if-fi block-o-doom I had to do by hand.
That sucked mightily.

Anyway, do whatever you want.

109 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-28 19:01 ID:EVH0v5fj [Del]


well...since i WAS ACTUALLY bored and something good happened to me...here's the voice-fixed-script file
it SHOULD have the voice enabled for 'normal' story H-scenes, scenario that happen in the later story(015N/R/X, 016N/R, and RIS/NAD .scr), ANNND the extra scenario also
if the voice are still 'muted' in those part of the story...you might need to clear the cache for vnds to 'reload' them again...(not quite sure about this...since it didn't work for me on my first try, so i ended up clearing the cache). speaking of which...i thought there was an option in vnds itself to reload everything?

as usual, have fun

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113 Name: CXBlackCatXD : 2010-11-19 00:11 ID:4ldfAACN [Del]

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114 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-19 01:49 ID:1Gz8Jf1r [Del]

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116 Name: laf : 2010-12-16 12:20 ID:AcyZsldD [Del]

How to extract images from mbl and edit them?

117 Name: rerere : 2011-05-27 01:25 ID:gckbtGqh [Del]

i got error at silvianna scene to.. :(

after the scene where she's injected with stuff, the game is restarting at the point of "eyes of risa" again..

in short : eyes of risa--> eyes of kuu--> silvianna scene-->eyes of risa--> eyes of kuu-->etc..

is there's any fix for that??

118 Name: CXBlackCatXD : 2011-05-27 12:51 ID:4HRjHzga [Del]

You happen to have a save file or maybe an exact excerpt of text? (I don't really want to search my way through it :/) Supposing it's something simple that is just busted, then it shouldn't be too bad to fix.

119 Name: rerere : 2011-05-30 04:37 ID:Jh/Xm8Ym [Del]

problem fixed!!

overwrite the script and paste the script file from post 78..

btw, i check all the mediafire link, and it's all down -_-..

btw, is the risa route can be used with script in post 78?? i want to do the risa route badly.. XD

120 Name: Sovietspud : 2011-08-07 10:48 ID:6rmfzppT [Del]

i would like someone to explain how to extract the images, as I'd like to start De-censoring, i would start a new thread but I think this project would benefit from scenes being de-censored, like to hear a reply soon,

121 Name: Gaidai : 2011-08-09 08:46 ID:aOe00nrN [Del]

I don't have it in front of me, but all of the images should be either in a folder called 'background' or in an archive with the same name, in the game's directory.

Bear in mind though...the images in the VNDS version have been resized to fit on the DS screen, so...it might be a fair bit more challenging to do that kind of editing work on them, than the actual full size images from the PC game itself.

122 Post deleted by user.

123 Name: Sovietspud : 2011-08-09 10:59 ID:6rmfzppT [Del]

it wasnt that, i dont know how to extract the image files out of the PC version, as i want to decensore the PC first then re-size them so it fits for the DS, some steps may help me to start extracting them as i have no clue and ives spent most of my time today trying to get into the .mbl files (if there even in there :L), waiting for your reply.
*btw the vert box doesnt work very well in google chrome (image doesnt change) just to let you know <3

124 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-09 13:14 ID:HB4mKatO [Del]

Use the tools on this page: http://tlwiki.tsukuru.info/index.php?title=Tools
At a glance, I expect AnimeED, Crass, ExtractData, and the official Kirikiri tools will all work. If you can't figure out how to use one program, try another.

125 Name: Sovietspud : 2011-08-09 14:01 ID:6rmfzppT [Del]

ok i have the files, and im sifting through the ones that dont need to be de-censored reducing the amount considerably (i fucking hope) ive devoted my ass now..

126 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-09 14:13 ID:HB4mKatO [Del]

I'm not really sure what the point of decensoring is anyway, unless you want to work on your penis-drawing skills, I guess...
Good luck though. If it's any good I bet you could upload it on hongfire or something and receive some measure of praise.

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128 Name: Anonymous : 2012-05-26 16:35 ID:hNCEv5Fs [Del]

So Sovietspud, how did the decensoring effort go?

129 Name: Anon : 2013-02-26 06:55 ID:+Lb3Nl4+ [Del]

Anyone have "Sound(with Voices)"? Because, link is dead.

(Sorry for my english)

130 Name: Haseo : 2013-02-28 07:27 ID:VUfeqA1L [Del]

I was wondering is there a converter for Tsukihime?

131 Name: marinosgr : 2013-11-30 06:53 ID:Mq8UQZ4O [Del]

Hello.Thanks for the hard work on this port.I would appreciate it if someone could help me with my problem.I have no sound at all even if I use the sound files.Any ideas?

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